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 The Gun Room


Click above and order anything from and have it shipped directly to Deep River!

Current Gun Room Selection

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Beretta A400 Xcel 12 ga (32")

Beretta 686 SP1 28 ga (28")

Beretta 686 SP1 12 ga (32")

Beretta 687 SP11 28 ga (30")

Fabarm Elos RS 12 ga (32")

Caesar Guerini Syrem Tempio Sport 12 ga (28")

Caesar Guerini Syren Tempio 20 ga (30")

Fabarm Syren Elos N2 12 ga (30")

Fabarm L4S Sporting 12 ga (32")

Syren Fabarm L4S Sporting 12 ga (30")

Caesar Guerini Tempio Light 28 ga (28")

SKB RS 300 12 ga (30")

SKB 690 20 ga (26") Lady/Youth

SKB 720 Field 20 ga (28")

SKB 90 TSS 12 ga (32")

SKB 90 TSS 12 ga (30")

SKB RS 400T 12 ga (30")


Avidity Arms PD10 9mm

Glock G19 Gen 5 9mm

Glock G26 9mm

Glock 45 9mm

Glock 21 Gen 3 45 ACP

Glock 43X MOS 9mm

Sig Sauer 365 XL 9mm

Smith & Wesson Equalizer 9mm

Springfield Armory XDS Mod 2 9mm

Click below for a full list of our Gun Room's Consignment Inventory


The Gun Purchase Advantage

• 15% off any accessories purchased at the time of gun purchase (30% for DRSC Members)

• Non-Members, DRSC will waive $50 initiation fee if joining that day

• DRSC will explain the operation and maintenance of your firearm

• DRSC will facilitate the return of any warranty issues

• Shotgun includes gun fit check (a $100 value)

The Try-It-Before-You-Buy-It Program

$20 and ammo allows you to try any of our rental guns, in numerous makes and models. Purchase of a pistol includes a refund of the $20 as well as 4 free lane uses. Available to members and non-members alike! (non-members allowed one visit upon completion of paid orientation and lane fee ($34). $20 is waived if the gun is purchased.


The Deep River Consignment Program

Deep River's consignment gun sale program is a safe and convenient means to sell firearms you no longer have a need for or that were left to you and you need some guidance on fair values and assistance to help get the most funds out of your inheritance. Contact us and make arrangements to bring in the guns you would like to sell, once here we will provide you with the value and determine the best price to put on your gun. We will contact you with reasonable offers and once we sell your firearms and all paperwork is complete we will send you a check. Simple as that! Our fee is 15% of the sale. There is no limit to the number of guns we can sell for you.

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